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Savvy Oven Cleaners Rickmansworth WD3 Rickmansworth WD3, we offer you the ideal solution to all your oven and kitchen appliances cleaning issues. Just sit back and relax while we do all the dirty work for you! Our equipment and the advanced cleaning methods guarantee outstanding results. The cleaners can deal with all your kitchen appliances cleaning concerns and bring back the shine to the family cooker. Contact us today and get your free quote created considering your needs!

Cleaning Services and Special Offers We Give

Deep Cleaning Rickmansworth WD3 Since we cover the entire Rickmansworth WD3 area we offer services for homes and businesses. Check the list and choose the best service that fits your needs. You can also pick a cleaning service package from our special offers list.

Cleaning services for your home

  • Oven Cleaning

    Our professionaloven valeting service is affordable and available to every household in Rickmansworth. The cleaners are trained and proficient in maintaining and cleaning a wide range of oven stoves, cookers, barbecues, grills and other kitchen appliances. Here are just some of the stove and range cookers we can clean up for you: Alpha Oven, AGA Range, Neff Range Cooker, Rangemaster Range, Rayburn Range, Smeg Range Cooker, Stanley Range Cooker, Whirlpool Range and many more.

    BBQ and Grill cleaning

    Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter there is nothing better than a freshly roasted stake! We are here to help you get the best flavour of your barbecue cooking. Book our cleaning service and see yourBBQ or grill clean to shine!

    Fridge and Freezer cleaning

    Preserving your food fresh for a longer period of time is essential to a healthy lifestyle. The cleaners will clear away all spoiled food for you and leave your fridge spotless. The only thing that you have to do is defrost the appliance couple of hours before the cleaning team arrives.

    Tile & Grout cleaning

    Do you remember the real colour of your tiles? Most people don’t remember. Book our cleaning service and see how the tiles return their original colour. The cleaners use the best methods and detergent to remove all hazardous bacteria, mould and lime scale that had piled up in the grime. Combine our oven cleaning service with tile and grout cleaning and have your entire kitchen shining in just a few hours.

    One-off cleaning

    The hourly based complex service combines all services listed so far plus cleaning of the entire house or certain rooms depending on your preferences. The cleaners dust the rooms, remove spider webs, clean the furniture, clean the kitchen appliances, hoover and wipe the floors and more. Upon booking the service the operators can offer you more cleaning services for your entire home and garden. Your individual quote is created according to your needs and the current discounts and latest offers we have on our prices page for One-off cleaning in Rickmansworth WD3.

Cleaning servicefor your business

Commercial kitchen cleaning

Business owners can book our commercial cleaning service in Rickmansworth WD3. Regardless if we talk about a restaurant, school kitchen or company kitchen the result will be a spotless appliance. Offices with a small kitchen have the benefit to choose between hiring us for commercial kitchen cleaning or one-off and kitchen appliances cleaning service.

Benefits of Hiring Us for Oven Cleaning in Rickmansworth

  • Special price offers for our clients.
  • We offer a range of payment methods for you to choose from.
  • Cleaners have years of experience in valeting a wide range of kitchen and cooking appliances.
  • All detergents and the methods are child and pet safe.
  • We have high regular customer feedback that currently comes up to 85%.
  • We cover all Rickmansworth  areas.

Main Steps of Our Services

We have the tools, the technology and the trained cleaners to restore your appliances’ shine! The professional cleaners follow a strict procedure in order to achieve the high results you expect. The duration of the listed steps depends on the type of the appliance and the number of the removable parts it has. For an example a standard oven valeting takes about 2 hours. The more complex or the larger the stove is, the more time will take to be washed. When it comes to the freezer cleaning an important factor is if the defrosting procedure. In this case, in order for the cleaning to take place as soon as the professionals arrive, then the freezer must be shut down a couple of hours previous the service.

Here is how a standard oven cleaning procedure goes

The first thing the teams do is a thorough inspection of the cooking appliance. They will determine the appliance’s working condition, if there are any damages and advise you if maintenance is necessary. Once the cleaners perform the inspection they will cover the area around the cooker in order to protect the surfaces from manual damage or detergent spills. The process starts with the door being dismantled and any removable parts are taken out. All trays, racks, panels and fans are soaked in a dip tank full of user and nature-friendly cleaning solution for a prolonged time. This method helps soften all grime that is stuck to the removable parts. After the soaking all residual grease and burned food is manually scoured away.

While the removable parts are in the dip tank the cleaners will attend to the main body of the appliance. They spray cleaning solution in and outside and leave it to work for a few minutes. All sides of the oven are scraped and wiped. The professionals pay special attention to the corners of the oven and the other hard to reach spots. Once the valeting inside the oven is done, all components are thoroughly rinsed, dried and put back in places. The last step of the valeting service is for the outside of the appliance to be washed and polished.

Once the cooker is polished, the cleaners turn on the oven and the cooktop to test the working performance. This is the moment when the client is invited to examine the result. The cleaning team clears away the protective coverage from the area around the stove. The covered surfaces are wiped with a towel and the floor is mopped to remove all accidental drops of water or detergent.

More About the Professional Oven Cleaners in Rickmansworth

The teams are focused on providing quality valeting results and customer service. They are extendedly trained and skilled in maintaining various of stoves, cookers and all other kitchen appliances. All cleaners are fully vetted and certified. An additional precaution is taken to fight all odds in the face of full insurance coverage.

Professional cleaners always carry the entire equipment and detergents necessary for the service. In case you wish for them to use your equipment, then please state so during the booking process. Since the equipment is heavy and bulky, the cleaning teams travel by car. That is why our operators will inquire you after the parking availability in your area. It is best if you can provide a parking space for the duration of the service.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. When you hire our oven valeting company you have more free time to spend as you like! The child and pet-friendly cleaning detergents are free from harmful chemicals and do not leave an unpleasant odour. You can use your oven as soon as the service is done.

Our Booking Process

We have 3 ways for you to contact us:

  • Call us on 020 3404 6825! The lines are open 24/7 and you will get a free individual quote according to your preferences.
  • Leave your details in our free online contact form. This way the operators can get back to you.
  • Use our 24/7 chat facility to get your quote or make a booking directly through the site.

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